Vaginisimus is a disorder which causes severe tightness of the vaginal muscles, causing painful intercourse or making it altogether impossible. The vaginal sphincter keeps the vaginal opening closed until it is compelled to expand (usually by sexual stimulation).

Vaginismus occurs when this muscle goes into spasm, causing the vagina to tighten. Some women suffer a complete inability to have sex with this condition. Treatment is in the form of gradual training of this muscle to relax using a vaginal dilator.

How Is Vaginismus Treated With Dilators?

There is some debate amongst vaginismus being treated through use of dilators. Basically, sufferers can de-sensitise their vagina using vaginal dilation techniques. Treatment begins with the insertion of a small dilator into the vagina, with larger and larger sizes being inserted over time. Eventually, this allows a penis sized object to be inserted and normal sexual intercourse can be achieved.

Using dilators to deal with this condition treats it’s physical symptoms, but does not deal with the underlying causes of vaginismus which are widely believed to be psychological. If you are suffering from this condition its a good idea to consult your GP rather than using self diagnosis and treatment.

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