Vaginal Dilation After Gender Reassignment Surgery

Using Vaginal Dilators After Gender Reassignment Surgery

Vaginal dilators need to be used as a post operative aid after the surgery to transition from male to female genital organs.

Using a dilator is absolutely vital to helping the healing process and preventing narrowing or complete collapse of the newly-formed vagina.The dilation process is essential to ensuring a well formed vaginal opening and indeed to the well-being of the whole vaginal structure.

Vaginal dilation must be regularly carried out daily or twice daily during the first year after gender reassignment surgery.  Many surgeons will also advise that dilation of the vaginal cavity should be carried out on a weekly basis for life.

Failure to follow recommended dilation procedures can result in the failure of reassignment surgery or a reduction in vaginal depth, ultimately requiring further surgical intervention. This effectively leaves the patient without a fully functioning vagina – so maintaining vaginal dilation on a regular basis is incredibly important. Once loss of vaginal depth is suffered, it’s not possible to regain it by reassuming a dilation regime.

Many gender reassignment surgeons advise quite a time investment in dilation each day, and it is utterly crucial that it be maintained.

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