Vaginal Dilators – Demystifying Dilators For Women

There’s No Need For Embarrassment…

The chances are that if you are reading this, then either you or someone you know wants to find out more about using a vaginal dilator.

Although you may not know anyone who uses a vaginal dilator (or they may not be telling you!), many, many thousands of women use them as a valuable medical aid. Dilators can help restore the vagina after difficulties caused by the effects of radiotherapy, surgery, or to combat conditions which can affect the structure or cause muscle spasms of the vagina. Some women use vaginal dilators to self treat in order to deal with painful sex caused by vaginismus, as well as other muscular pains in the pelvic region.

This site aims to demystify the often embarrassing topic of dilators and to encourage women who need them to feel comfortable about using them. We also aim to look at the many different vaginal dilators on the market and compare their features.

So What Exactly Are Vaginal Dilators?

As you will see from the picture above, a vaginal dilator is a smooth cylinder-shaped piece of plastic which is gradually used to help with relaxation of vaginal muscules, or to restore, create, or recreate the vaginal walls… … More

…And How Do I Use One?

Dilators are incredibly easy to use and treatment can take place in the privacy of your own home for just a few minutes each day… … More

How Long Do Vaginal Dilators Take To Work….?

Alas, the dilator is not a quick fix option, but you will see a reasonable amount of vaginal expansion within a 3 month period.

…Where Can I Get One?

Some women are given dilators by their doctor or hospital after surgery or illness. However some people prefer to buy their own. The internet is a wonderful place to buy dilators as they can be discreetly and easily ordered and delivered without the need to face that counter assistant in your local chemists.

What Conditions Are Treatable Using Vaginal Dilators…?

This is not yet an exhaustive list, but common conditions treatable using dilators include…

Lichen Sclerosis

Vagina Agenesis


Post Pelvic Radiotherapy

Maintaining Vaginal Integrity After Gender Reassignment Surgery